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Thursday, June 27, 2013


It's like walking into a candy store.

They inhale audibly, and their eyes become like saucers.

It's like Christmas morning. All of that possibility. All of that hope.

They take off down the aisles and start pulling out favorites. They add in some that look too enticing to be left alone. Our pile becomes a mountain.

I can hear cries of “Yes!” as they find something they have been hoping to see. I sit and smile, knowing that excitement. 

I can't help myself. The first thing I do when I get my hands on a book – old or new – is smell it. They all have a distinct smell. There's an old library book smell, a new book smell, a Bible smell, a textbook smell, a picture book smell... you get the idea.

I love the wrinkled pages of a book that lost a battle with a glass of water. I love the worn pages of a book that has clearly been read again and again. I love a book with crayon scribbles in it and a book with notes written in the margin.

I imagine those who have read the book before me. Did they read with lightning speed when everything started to come together in A Tale of Two Cities? Did they wonder what in the world Beth March died of (I believe it was lack of anything better to do – sorry)? Did they get angry with The Capitol when they threw the champions back in the arena?

There's just so much possibility in each book. I sit and smile, hearing my children dive into that possibility with so much enthusiasm.

What kind of reader are you?

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