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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Making a New Friend

Yesterday Tiny Dancer spotted a new friend on our street. Well, they weren't acquainted yet, but she was burning with desire to make the acquaintance at once.

All day, she went to the front door and stared out longingly at the friend. This potential friend was outside all day, within steps of our front door. Sometimes she would peer out the door in wonder, and other times she would venture out to the step and sit down to watch.

I wasn't totally sure about this friendship. I mean, it wasn't the sort of friendship I would normally encourage. And yet... she was so sure.

So late in the afternoon, I finally agreed to inviting the new friend in.

Meet... Mr. Benedict. His evil twin, Mr. Curtain, is lurking somewhere in the backyard. 

Mr. Benedict has taken up residence in our home for the past two days. She sits and watches him all day long. She worries about whether or not he's eating. She makes sure he is getting air. We've had to read books to learn more about grasshoppers. 

I now know more about grasshoppers than I ever cared to know.

She knows we have to let him go tomorrow. She seems okay with that because, as she says, there are more like him out there. She has become The Grasshopper Hunter, and I feel a little badly for the unsuspecting grasshoppers in our neighborhood. They thought they were moving into a nice, quiet neighborhood. 

In truth, though, I am pleased to have her interested in the insect, even though he has been living on my dining room table for the past two days. He's been a great friend to her, and he's led to some fantastic conversation around the house. 

Maybe next time I will be more encouraging about new friendships because, after all, who can argue with a smile like that?

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