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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meet the Students

I can't believe it's time to start a new school year!  We've been finished with the last year since the middle of May, and we are all ready.

I used to teach first grade, back before we had any children. I loved the start of a new year: getting everything ready, putting their names on books, planning for the year, and especially meeting the students. They were always so cute and nervous, and I loved the feeling of newness.

I'll share more about our first days later in the week, but I'd like you now to meet the students of Oak House Academy for this year. 

Curly, fifth grade. His favorite subjects are French, reading, writing, and history. His least favorite subject is math. Curly is working on independence and organization this year. You can read about his school plans here.

Curly hopes to be a writer, movie director, actor, lawyer, and teacher when he grows up. He would also like to teach a class for kids who hope to be writers when they grow up. Have I mentioned he's not good at making decisions? Maybe I should add that to the list of things he is working on this year.  

Little Bear, second grade. His favorite subjects are math, science, piano, and history. His least favorite subject is spelling. Little Bear is working on slowing down and following directions this year. You can read about his school plans here.

Little Bear hopes to be a fifth grade science teacher when he grows up.  

Tiny Dancer, kindergarten. Her favorite subjects include reading and anything with crafts. She doesn't have a least favorite subject yet. Tiny Dancer is working on adjusting to being part of the school routine this year. I am too. You can read about her school plans here.

Tiny Dancer hopes to be the mother of four girls and a dance teacher when she grows up.

If you'd like to see our school space, you can take a look here.

And that's our class for this year. Thanks for meeting the students!

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