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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Origami Star Wars

Star Wars has finally made its way into our home. The boys started talking about it several weeks ago, so we borrowed the dvds from a friend. We've been watching in fits and starts because they can't keep themselves from talking. We hit a point where we are talking about the movie more than we are watching the movie. However...

We have entered the world of the Star Wars obsessed.

Combine that with these books we found at the library.

The kids have been busy making Han Foldo, Origami Yoda, the fortune Wookie, and Darth Paper.

Top left: Fortune Wookie, Top right: Han Foldo, Bottom left: Origami Yoda, Bottom right: Darth Paper

Now I am being followed through the house by Darth Paper. Complete with the music to announce his presence and heavy breathing.

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