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Friday, August 9, 2013

Road Trip!

Last week we made our annual summer trip to visit some friends in State College. We've gone every summer since they moved there four years ago, and we always have such a great time.

This year we made not one, but two!! trips to the Berkey Creamery. I always get the same thing: Death by Chocolate. So much chocolate goodness there are just no words. There's only one size ice cream, and it's too much ice cream for the kids, but I let them get their own anyway. It's once a year, right?
The blue and white sprinkles were a hit.

Summer is a great time to visit the town and the campus because most of the students are away. No long lines for ice cream. You still have to dodge students on bikes, and there was a group of students meditating who we may or may not have completely disturbed. At the same time, the kids could run all over in the grass after they finished their ice cream and not disturb anyone.

We also visited the duck pond on campus. It's kind of tucked away in a little nook, so it's quiet and peaceful there. The kids loved spotting turtles in the pond and watching the ducks. They explored and just sat to take it all in.

We used to have a turtle just like this. They were hoping he was a relative.

Deep in conversation.

There's an arboretum being built across from Beaver Stadium. It's small at the moment, but the kids were enthralled with all of the plant life. They were especially amazed by the water plants.

The only one who managed to get all wet.

Aptly named Angel's Trumpet.

I thought this one looked like a pie plate. I was fascinated.

We called these Shower Head Plants. So scientific.

Looking for wildlife.

Outside of town, we visited this really cool playground that looks like an airport. It's complete with a runway, control tower, and a plane. Part of the draw is that the equipment is different from most parks.

Control tower.

We also visited Spring Creek park where you can wade in the creek. We didn't find much wildlife here, but we did brave the icy water. It was honestly painful (little knives of ice) to get in, but it was okay after a few minutes. I felt like it was an ice bath for my lower legs.

Dancing in pure joy.

Some of us weren't so thrilled with the water.

Little Bear made this potato mine. He insisted it make the blog.

Little Bear's sand castle. Please don't ask.

We climbed down a small waterfall, built a small dam, and walked a fair distance in the water.

The boys went to a Spikes game one evening where we had a small incident with Little Bear getting (almost) lost. Oy. Poor Dr. Jeff. He was so worried.

It was an adventure! We had so much fun, and the kids already have a list of things they want to do there next year. They've heard rumors the public pools are amazing...


  1. Thanks for the follow! This post would be perfect for my field trip Friday link will be back running next week!!

  2. Thanks, Jen! I will link up next week. :)

  3. what a really fun field trip and some very good picture too!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! We had a great time. It's fun to see hidden places in places you've visited before.