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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Biggest Loser Bedroom Style

For the past six months, it's been fed a steady diet of junk mixed in with Dad-assisted weekly detox. The hope is that the detox will inspire a healthier lifestyle, but so far there have been no sustained results.

Enter Mama.

 Today there was a five pound weight loss! I'm pretty sure I heard the Halleluja choir.

While Curly is off at camp this week, it was time to go on a crash course diet. I am well aware that next week it will all return to normal, but at least I can have a few days to enjoy a lighter, easier feeling in this room.

The boys have shared a room since Tiny Dancer was big enough to leave our room. I won't go so far as to say it's Oscar and Felix in there, but I will say there are marked differences between the two.

One is messy (he's been known to be called Pigpen) but organized. Messes seem follow him. Like the crumbs under the table, on the floor I just swept. But he knows where everything in the house is. Lost your glasses? Ask Little Bear. He'll tell you: upstairs in the closet, on the third shelf, next to the towels.Under his bed is a mountain of stuffed animals but little else. I'm okay with that.

The other one will be featured on Hoarders someday. Under his bed, you might get lost in another world, an alternate dimension. Which, actually, might be his goal now that I think about it. Here you can find a styrofoam ball, menu from a restaurant, 15 pens, his personal collection of stories, 20 books, enough tissues (clean, thank goodness) to wipe every nose in America if there is a sudden tissue emergency, and enough paper clutter to light a bonfire.
All from under one bed. And there's more.

You never know when you might run out of reading material during the night.
Curly hates to be messy. Mud pit? Not a chance. Eat a peach? If it's sliced and with a fork. Finger paint? Only under duress and with the tip of one finger. He sure does like lists, though.
It's always a good idea to bring the entertainment.

Friday night, he'll return and bring a truck load of camp paraphernalia with him. The room will gain back those hard-earned pounds. I don't think a healthier diet is going to cut it here. Maybe we'll just have to stick with the detoxes. 

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