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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meet Curly

When he was little, his hair was what we called "wispy." Now... not so much. Lots of curls.

We're still trying to teach him the difference between "cool" messy and just plain, old, I-haven't-brushed-my-hair-in-a-week messy. It's a long process.


Curly is a huge quality time guy. Luckily for him, so is his Mama. When he was small, we would spend endless hours playing Thomas trains and taking walks. I was just telling him this morning how he would wake up three times during the night and then be ready to start the day at 5am. Me? Not so much. It was as if he just couldn't get enough time together.

He still feels that way. He rarely plays in his room unless I make him. He follows me around the house, in case he misses something fun that I might be doing.

But his favorite thing to do together is to go to the coffee shop. He opens the door and orders for us like a gentleman. He always orders a large hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. Then we sit and play Harry Potter chess for a while. Neither of us is very good at it, but we don't care.

We rarely talk about anything important. He just likes that the time is just the two of us doing something grown up. I can't be distracted by the other kiddos or have to do 15 other things at once. I'm totally there for him for the 90 minutes or so that we sit there.

He could sit there all day. But at least I know that for a little while, his love tank is full.

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