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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Birthday Bonanza

Try as I might, I haven't yet found a way to keep the kids from getting older. Every year, I try to smoosh their heads back down. I tell them we're going to start counting their ages backward. I beg them not to have another birthday. But so far, they just keep growing up on me.

Little Bear turned seven today. Seven is the funny age where you aren't so much a "little" kid anymore. It's second grade, responsibility, and maybe even some chest hair. Well, thank goodness not the last one. I'm pretty sure that day will reduce me to tears.

But you aren't quite a "big" kid yet, either. You can't go places on your own, handle big jobs, or have a real job. Okay, no one who is seven wants a job. But still. You can't have one.

You are still small enough to curl up on your mom's lap for a good snuggle, to cry during scary parts in a movie, and to hold hands any time you feel like it. You are big enough to cross the street without your mom's eagle eye, read lots of good books on your own, and maybe even hit the men's room alone (as long as it's in a very small place and your mother stands outside like the protective mother bear she truly is).

Shy Little Bear wanted a party but didn't want a bunch of kids running around. His solution? A pool party with a family we are very close to. Hours in the pool on a Friday night. A pool birthday cake designed by Little Bear, himself. And a gift of water guns that may just have been more fun for the dads than the kids. I mean, they are pressurized water guns, after all.
Do look out for the shark in the pool.  
You try getting a good picture of these two.

Today he wore his new shirt to church, chose lunch, saw Despicable Me 2, and squeezed in a late night swim. They were the only ones in the pool because it was raining. He even brought along a special friend for the day.
Little sister had a HARD time today.

Turning seven has been great for my little guy. It's just his mama who wanted to hold on to six for a little longer...

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